i got my taxes done throw u on the 18th the same day as my sister only one hour after her.u guys told me that my refund would be there on fri.the 27th and it wasnt.hers was though.

and now im getting some message that my check may be delayed a week due to the irs up grading there computers.why in the *** havent they already upgraded them before tax season. i have 5 kids and im trying to get us a new home and this money was my down payment.

i have never had any problems with you guys before,but now im getting really worried and praying to god that i do not have to wait 4-6 wks.for my check now cause i will lose my home...thanks jackson hewitt a whole lot!!!!here i come h&r block see ya next year..

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Piedmont, California, United States #445055

Call 1-800-829-1040.

Have patience to be on hold for like an hour to talk to someone.

You will eventually get someone to talk to about your issue.

Good luck to you.


my boyfriend filed his on the 3rd..they said he would get them back today..and he still hasnt got them. :(


I've never had this problem until this year and I filed with H&R Block so its obviously not going to help switching tax preparers. This is just another problem with our incompetent government.


I like many of you, have filed early, been given dates online, dates on irs website that have just been changed once again.This is an IRS problem people, and on their website they clearly say that the dates given are projected and could be delayed...there is a reason they say this...so when they update their computers late we dont all get online complaining about where "our" money is at!

You cant change it, worrying about it wont help, and the IRS phone decoy people cannot find out any more information then you can get from going on their "Where is My Refund" page, they are TOLD what to say! Unless its over a few weeks, they wont even bother doing more then a few keystrokes to figure it out for you either.

So TRY to sit back, relax and enjoy like, family and friends until it arrives.After all, you have lived all year without this refund right, whats another couple weeks :)

Piedmont, California, United States #418441

Y wait aroundfor tax time how do u pay ur bills all year around? :eek


Correct, on all counts.IRS is probably verifying some items as well.

Maybe your ex has claimed one or more of the kids -- who knows what happens.At least, I hope IRS is verifying.


Thats not Jackson Hewitts problem it is the IRS.Dont blame the service company for the IRS problems.

Jackson Hewitt told you what the IRS told them. You should be mad at the IRS. Dont you think that Jackson Hewitt is probably upset that the IRS caused their customers Greif?? I am sure that they were just trying to *** their customers off on purpose...

GET Real!

You shouldnt depend on tax money for housing anyway.:x

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