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H&R Block In Barnegat NJ is the worst H&R block office I have ever been. I will give them -0 for terrible customer service, specially the manger and front desk receptionist.

I've been sitting here for 2 hours when I was told it would only be a 30min wait. I will never use H&R block again. It's not the first time but it sure it will be the last. The receptionist tells everyone that walks in that it's only a 30min wait, 4 ppl walked in at the same time and the response was the same to everyone.

The manager told me if can just leave and come back other day, she is just rude. Not to mention its 20 degrees outside and I walked here with both of my kids 6 and 7 yrs old, and after a 2 hour wait she wants me to come back other day

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This kind of nonsense is exactly why I found a charity through 'The United Way' that had tax IRS certified volunteers that would file my taxes for me...I got to that 'charity' building EARLY at 7 am as they only take the first 15 persons in line, and they don't open till 9 am. WHY did I do this(standing in line for 2 hours)?

It is because H and R Block wanted $80.00 to file a 1040 EZ, or $156.00 to file a 1040. I filed 1040 EZ's in high school so I could do that myself...I am laid off right now and half the income I used to get. Then, H and R Block called me the next day and I said that a volunteer 'place' already filed for me. Then the H and R Block worker said they can do 8) a "free" second look for me as they call it...That's how they rope ya in...(typical "oh, we took a second look and here's this mistake on line such and such....."(fill in the blank) ) So, IF there IS a mistake, then they will charge ya the $156.00 to correct it and re file for ya.

Then when you say "I cant afford it" they say "Oh, we can take it out of your refund." NOPE! Not this time! Look up local United Way charities online or in the phonebook, as there ARE people out there that can and will help you file. Oh, also, I was going to file my own, but all of those so called FREE e file sites that link to the IRS, well, ALL of them want $14.95 to "file" it.

Read the mouseprint on those sites.

Don't get roped into it. Peace.

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