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I was turned down for a line of credit from these people this year even though I received a $500 line of credit last year. They claimed that I have an open bankruptcy which is not true .

I did file bankruptcy 5 years ago but it was all settled in court.After being with H and R Block for 10 years and paying out all the fees that I have this is the thanks I got. I will be looking for someone else to do my taxes from now on.Yes I am a pissed consumer and will be letting my friends know about this business also.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Wow! You are pissed because the bank didn't give you a loan and you blame H&R Block?

H&R Block does taxes and tries to get loans for those wanting them. But the bank makes the decision as to who is approved and who isn't approved. Do you think you can get a loan from your local CPA? Think again.

Life is tough. Sometimes you get your way and sometimes you don't.

If you have bad credit, or your income isn't enough to qualify for a loan from the BANK then why blame someone else? Seems you have a personal problem.


The same thing happened to me they said that I owed them money they placed to much on my emerald card the year before(400.00) I had no idea and never sent me anything to show i owed like an invoice so I found out I owed when I was denied for line of credit, and after 12 phone calls I still cant get an invoice showing how and why and how much I exactly owe, how can you pay a debt if you dont know you owe it????


Why are you blaming H&R Block, if you were declined for a bankruptcy, then that is from your credit report not H&R. You need to check you credit report and get that fixed, but that's not in any way H&R Blocks fault.

HSBC pulled out on the early loans because they were losing money.

I appreciate the fact that H&R has gone the extra step to help their people. I would not even try to get the advance, I don't make the money needed in the next year, I understand that and appreciate the fact that they will not put me in more debt then I could handle.


they would not approve me for a line of credit. after 15 yrs.

of using them ,and always being approved for as much as $1500.

they said i had insufficient income for 2009. i am pissed all the thousands of dollars they made of me.

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